According to the BBC, Suarez claims “breach of contract, fraud, animal cruelty and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

The published reports say that Gator, Suarez’s five year old Labrador retriever, nearly died from injuries suffered while strangled by a collar during one of Millan’s famous “dog-on-treadmill” sessions. However, none of the reports place Millan near the dog when the incident allegedly occurred.

The Associated Press is reporting that the National Geographic Channel is named in the lawsuit brought by Makeda Smith and Foster Corder, along with Cesar Millan and the Dog Psychology Center. The plaintiffs seek over $5 million in damages in compensation for defendant’s alleged breach of contract, copyright infringement and breach of confidential relationship.

At press time neither the National Geographic Channel or representatives of Mr. Millan were available for comment. [Got an opinion? Discuss this story in our forum: Dog Forum]

Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure the publisher of wishes to make the readers of this news item aware that prior to the publication of this story we had been unsuccessful in our efforts to arrange an interview with Mr. Millan through the offices of National Geographic Television and the Dog Psychology Center of Los Angeles.

A review of our past news stories on all topics, including the mention of the new time slot for the Dog Whisperer, would clearly indicate our unbiased reporting on Mr. Millan. However, it should be noted that after Mr. Millan’s various representatives refused any effort to schedule an interview over a 30 day period of time, withdrew the invitation.

As stated, the interview was requested prior to the public disclosure of the litigation involving Mr. Millan and would have been conducted along the lines of the two part interview with dog behaviorist Tamar Geller.

Audience members wishing to conduct such an interview are encouraged to contact the Dog Psychology Center of Los Angeles and the public relations department at National Geographic Television to make their desires known. Any interview would, of course, focus on dog training, not matters of pending litigation.

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