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Baby Found With Dog Who May Have Rescued Child

Posted in Dog News

The facts are still sketchy in a story about a baby girl abandoned by her mother just hours after she was born. Published reports have...

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Dogs and Puppies Seized In Maine Puppy Mill Raid

Posted in Dog News News - Over 200 puppies and adult dogs have been seized in an operation to rescue the animals from a Maine puppy mill. The...

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog – Puppies Stolen By Gunman Caught On Video In Los Angeles (Koreatown)

Posted in Dog News

Astonishing video of thieves holding up breeders of Yorkshire Terriers in Los Angeles (Koreatown) shows the gun wielding thugs ordering...

Read More Dog Podcast – Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest Launch

Posted in Dog Podcasts

{enclose} Dog podcast interview with the publisher/editor...

Read More Launches World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest

Posted in Dog Pictures is pleased to announce the "World's Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest," the third in an ongoing series of fun and...

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