Dog Picture Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest is pleased to announce the “World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest,” the third in an ongoing series of fun and friendly global dog and puppy photo competitions at

The contest is sponsored in part by the innovative new website, The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dogs ( ).

The focus of the competition is to capture and share amazing images of dogs leaping, twisting and soaring through the air as they demonstrate their uniquely canine athletic gifts. The dog pictures may be taken at any time, but they must belong to, and be the copyrighted property of, the person entering them in the contest. Action shots are preferred, but beautiful portraits of dog and some variety of flying disc together, either at rest, or in motion, are all that is required.

Entering the contest, registering on the site, viewing and voting on the picture entrants are all completely free! Prior challenges conducted by include the search for the “World’s Ugliest Dog” and “Best Holiday Dog Picture” competitions.

The winner of the current contest, selected by votes entered by registered users of, gets a $100.00 gift certificate for pet supplies, the new training DVD and chicken liver treats from renowned dog expert Tamar Geller (, and a “zoing