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Humorous Chihuahua Video In iPhone Camera Showcase

Posted in Dog Videos

While this humorous video is not all about dogs, it does qualify as a funny dog video, as you will see. We like to add to our dog news coverage with occasional items about photography and film or video production. After all, the dog that inspired our site, Ansel, was named for legendary photographer Ansel Adams. Also interesting to note is that this video is a promo introduction to a new iPhone camera housing. It is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and it allows users to mount their cell phones on a tripod so that they can capture steady shots, timelapse, etc. It is called the indie and it was announced 24 May 2012. In addition to use of a tripod, the device makes it easier to get smooth hand held shots. Sporting a common 37mm...

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Oregon Australian Shepherd Picture – Rustie At Ventura Dog Park

Posted in Dog Pictures

Say hello to visiting Oregon Australian Shepherd Rustie as she runs across the lush grass at Ventura’s Arroyo Verde Dog Park. That’s no typo, that’s how her people spell her name. She is a lovely red merle Aussie hailing from Talent, Oregon (near Medford and Ashland, Oregon).

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Worlds Ugliest Dog Yoda Dies

Posted in Dog News

Yoda, the 2011 winner of the Sonoma-Marin World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has died according to reports. Apparently the 15 year old Chihuahua-Chinese Crested mutt mix died in her sleep 10 March 2012. Her owner found her as a stray behind an apartment building though at first she believed she was looking at a rat, not a tiny, future World’s Ugliest Dog champion. Like many aging Chinese Crested dogs, Yoda was sporting a face with a tongue flopped out way behind her tiny mouth. Rest in peace Yoda and our sympathies to your owner. {mosloadposition...

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Holistic Vet Portland

Posted in Portland Veterinary

Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Lauren Chattigre practices a wide range of holistic and alternative therapies for Portland’s dogs and cats, including acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, homeopathy, reiki, veterinary orthopedic manipulation (similar to chiropractic), and functional indirect osteopathy (a style of mobilizing the body’s tissues). Portland Holistic Veterinarian She helps patients with a vast array of pet health challenges, such as arthritis, disc disease, allergies, seizures, diabetes, adrenal disease, kidney failure, immune-mediated disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, anxiety, and many others. The first visit includes a detailed history, exam, Chinese tongue and pulse evaluation, and the first treatment. Medications and follow-up treatments are then selected as needed. Compassionately serving these Oregon communities: Portland, West Linn, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, and Milwaukie. Call us today to schedule your first visit: (503) 655-1722 Dr. Lauren Chattigre 22320 Salamo Road West...

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Dog Boarding Portland

Posted in Dog Boarding Special Editorial

Have you been searching for dog boarding Portland? It would not come as a surprise. Folks in Portland, Oregon, are about as crazy for their dogs as any city in the United States, let alone the world. From the increasingly popular dog daycare to critical holiday dog boarding accommodations for a beloved family member, demand for quality services that offer safe, comfortable and pawsitively fun times has created a growing range of options for the Portland pack. State of the Bark Times, tastes and technology have changed and so have the choices for those seeking dog boarding in Portland, Oregon. Senior discounts, cage free, pick-up and drop-off, dog rescue support, baths, playtime, even a combined gourmet people and pooch...

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