Zippy Chinese Crested Dog World's Ugliest Dog

It is with a very heavy heart that reports that another of our new friends, another World’s Ugliest Dog contestant, has passed away.

As some of you know, Ansel, our beloved companion of 15 years, who passed just this September, inspired our site. Thus, the acute pain felt by our friends is all too real to us as well.

Kelly A. Smith, owner of Zippy, sent us a note this morning to tell us, and all of you, of her loss.

A female Chinese Crested Dog, Zippy was a well-known and successful competitor in Florida. According to Kelly Smith, she had made a public appearance and took home a trophy as recently as November 5, 2005.

It is clear from the note we received that Kelly struggled with the decision of euthanasia, as we have, and all loving owners do.

If only there was a definitive test to guide us at that agonizing time. I know Kelly and Susie turned to the only compass available, their hearts.

If there is any silver lining in this news, it is that Kelly tells us she sought and received a sign that she made the right choice. No doubt she did.

Zippy is now resting beneath some roses by her friend Harriette.

Kelly, thank you for sharing Zippy with us and know that our thoughts are with you.