A handsome Clumber Spaniel dog ambles along at the Arroyo Verde Dog Park in Ventura, Californa, on a cool, crisp November morning.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says the Clumber Spaniel is one of the original nine breeds they registered. While not as tall or quick as other spaniel breeds, the Clumber is known for its endurance and ability to do its sporting dog job all day long.

It seems the majority of folks think the Clumber Spaniel originated in France during the eighteenth century and derived from the Alpine Spaniel and perhaps the Basset Hound. Make no mistake about it, the Clumber is in every sense a sporting dog despite its regal bearing.

Clumber Spaniel Dog Pictures
Photo by PupandHorse.com

That quiet dignity allows the Clumber to hunt in deep cover and approach the game quite close. The AKC says the Clumber name is from an effort to save the dogs of Clumber Park at the outbreak of the French Revolution. Look for a lovely white coat on Clumbers with either lemon-yellow or orange markings.

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