Sad Dog Diary Video

Not a frame from the Sad Dog Diary Video, but it could be. 🙂

The Sad Dog Diary video had to happen. Unless you’ve been crated, as a pet or animal lover, doubtless you’ve been exposed to the mega viral hit Sad Cat Diary. It was hysterical. This time, Sad Dog Diary takes us along on a journey into the life of dogs and puppies gazing forlornly into and away from camera as we hear their thoughts, dreams and desperation at life with humans.

The very funny Sad Dog Diary video includes meditations on eating cat poop, ball chasing, the fickle friendship with cats, and several references to men with beards and hats. There is something strangely compelling about watching these deceptively simple funny pet videos. The writer/producer has captured a tone or touched a nerve with clever use of dog stock footage and photos combined with laconic, almost melancholic voice over narration.

The mysteries of why their people pick-up poop and getting neutered receive a nearly philosophical consideration by the characters – cute, young and adult inhabiting this very amusing canine world. Enjoy the video and please do share it with your dog and animal loving friends!