www.DogExplorer.com News — The government of South Korea, through the offices of local officials in the rural city of Iksan, have begun destroying pet dogs claimed to pose a risk to public health as potential carriers of the avian flu H5N1, more commonly known as the bird flu.

Despite the increasing popularity of dogs as pets among younger and affluent Korean citizens of larger cities, the dog is still bred and raised for meat to be consumed by humans in many parts of the country.

Similar measures taken by China recently resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of dogs (due to claims of rabies concerns), and large amounts of criticism from the international community and PETA.

According to an Associated Press story, international health experts have stated that there is no evidence non-bird species can transmit bird flu to people calling the actions by South Korean Quarantine officials into doubt.

There have been two outbreaks of bird flu in South Korea in as many weeks. Both occurred in rural areas south of the capitol city of Seoul.

If you have an opinion on this policy you wish to express to an official representative of South Korea’s government, the contact details for their US Consulate are below.

You are strongly encouraged, no matter your position, to be polite and respectful at all times.

Your message will carry great weight if it is reasoned, diplomatic, tightly edited and thoughtfully expressed. Your message will be wasted if you are rude, imprecise, use sloppy grammar and spelling, or invective.

Keep in mind cultural differences regarding pets and animals suitable for food. And respect them. The world does not revolve around the norms of the United States of America.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Tae-sik
Address: 2320 Massachusetts Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202-939-5653
Fax: 202-342-1597

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