Lawsuit Over Greenies Alleged Health Risks To Dogs Settled News – A confidential settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit over the alleged risks to dog health caused by the product known as Greenies. Intended to be an attractive chew that also cleans the dog’s teeth thus promoting dental health, numerous media reports have highlighted assertions that serious health risks were posed by use of the product.

Packaged and sold as digestible, some owners have claimed that description is false and has lead to the serious sickness and even deaths of numerous dogs. Maker S&M NuTec had claimed when used as directed and correctly sized for the dog the product was safe.

Mars Inc., purchased S&M NuTec in 2006. The class action lawsuit was brought by 10 owners. Greenies are now packaged in a way that makes the product use warnings more prominent and the formula was changed, the company claims, to make swallowed pieces even more digestible.

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