News – Published reports that is unable to confirm state that the official Chinese People’s Daily (CPD) claims the wheat gluten sold by Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology to Menu Foods and several other pet food companies was not the source of the dog and cat poisonings reported.

In preparing this news item a thorough search was made of the CPD (English edition) website, but no reference to the wheat gluten story was found.

In the meantime, another company name has come to light: ChemNutra, Inc., of Las Vegas, Nevada. In a press release issued by ChemNutra on April 3, 2007, the firm announced a recall of 792 metric tons of wheat gluten it imported from China and re-sold to “three pet food manufacturers and one distributor who supplies wheat gluten only to the pet food industry.”

ChemNutra names Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology as the supplier of wheat gluten subject to recall but does not name Menu Foods or any other pet food manufacturer as its customer. The firm also stated “ChemNutra did not ship to facilities that manufacture food for human consumption, and the distributor ChemNutra shipped to supplies wheat gluten only to pet food manufacturers.”

Please visit this thread in our forum for the details about this dog food recall and a list of dog food brands recalled by Menu Foods: Dog Food Recall – Menu Foods.

If you have any concern about the health of your dog contact your vet at once.

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