Dogs keep dying: Many owners remain unaware of toxic Diamond Dog Food pet food

Cornell News Service, January 6, 2006
Even though Diamond, Country Value and Professional brand dog foods have been recalled for containing highly toxic aflatoxins, they have caused at least 100 dog deaths in recent weeks, say Cornell University veterinarians, who are growing increasingly alarmed.

While dogs keep dying from eating pet food tainted with aflatoxin, Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is announcing it has developed protein tests that accurately indicate a dog’s liver failure caused by the toxin.

Dog owners may want to seek veterinary testing for animals that have been fed affected lots of food even if they are apparently well. Recent experience has shown that apparently healthy dogs can develop liver damage after 2-3 weeks.

Please check the Diamond Pet Food website ( for updates on their recall lot numbers.

Some ill dogs have been tested and are not suffering from toxicosis, but have previously undiagnosed health problems that produce similar behavioral and clinical signs. A veterinarian is the best person to determine the cause of your animal’s illness.

Tests that may prove helpful to diagnose whether or not aflatoxin is suspected are included in the link to Diagnostic Testing for Suspect Aflatoxicosis (

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