has begun the next leg on its journey into the world of innovative dog pictures, news and video production. A milestone was achieved with the distribution and syndication of the site’s first original dog video. Titled “In the Beginning, The Puppy Was Created,” the clip features a funny look at the ever antagonistic relationship between cats and dogs.

The short video is a humorous tip of the hat to the opening lines of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, along with a showcase of’s extraordinary exclusive dog photography and new logo.

Video production is in-house initially, but eventually will include freelance and independent contributors. In addition to selective distribution via its iTunes channel as a video podcast, this milestone marks the start of video release via the YouTube channel and innovative video content syndication firm ClipSyndicate. YouTube users are welcome to subscribe to the DogExlorer channel, rate, share and embed the videos. ClipSyndicate versions may also be embedded.

Dog owners with their own videos to share are encouraged to visit the site’s dog forum section dedicated to embedding, sharing and discussing dog videos. Advertisers interested in sponsoring video production are welcome and encouraged to contact the publisher through the contact page.

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