A pair of Australian Shepherds stand head down in the ocean surf searching for a lost stick in this funny dog picture.

The two Aussies had been playing with a giant stick in and out of the water when one of them dropped it, and despite being made of wood, it sank out of sight, much to the dismay of the playmates.

We think this fun dog picture captures the magic of playing in the natural world with your dog. There are more pictures of these two at our photographer’s site linked below or by clicking the picture. You can also get linking code there too.

Dog Stock Photo by PupandHorse.com

The only thing better than funny dog pictures and cute photographs of puppies are dogs and puppies themselves. So to celebrate our dog buddies, we are running a regular feature where we publish a single dog picture either shot by one of our readers or produced by DogExplorer.com

There are no prizes and it is not a contest. But if you have a picture you think worthy of our front page, please upload it to the correct album in our dog picture gallery and then send us a note through our contact page. These pictures can be anything dog related, from portraits at rest to action shots and funny moments.

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