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Meet the future adventurers: Rhonda, Scott, and Judy.

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These guys are Rhonda, Scott, and Judy. The siblings are almost 8 weeks old and are not shy about adventures. Bringing three pups on an alpine hike seemed like it would be an infinitely small fraction of a unit less nuts if I brought an experienced mountaineer. (Not that I shy away from nuts, but it would also be less work – which I do shy away from.) So I asked mountain climber Victoria Valchev (@alpinewithv) if she wanted to hike with puppies for the day (which she did). Judy was an eager and happy pup when we got to the trail. She was excited about me and Vic, and about whatever they had spent the whole morning in a car to get to. Scott and Rhonda used a bit more restraint and held judgment of the situation before embracing it partway into the hike (right after they discovered it was a catered event). We carried the three pups over many creek crossings, up a significant amount of elevation for a puppy (or me), and over rocks that were too big to climb with legs 10cm long. At the top, the puppies were so tired from being carried that they ate their turkey, stole our snacks, and went immediately to sleep. When it was time to head down, Judy was out. She was sleeping so soundly that I loaded her from the ground into my pack before she roused. All three were sleepy enough to accept a ride off the mountain from two strange (giant) humans. (I still don’t know why we left the puppy-ridden alpine to go back to human-ridden valley). If you know someone who would love a puppy like Scott (the smallest and therefore the cutest) or Judy (the most happy to meet new people) or Rhonda (the most hesitant of new people and therefore the smartest), they will be available for adoption in a few weeks from @arfalberta in Calgary. You can apply for the puppies by name (see story highlight to see which pup is which) or check out other pups available on the ARF Alberta website. #adoptable Special puppy scampering to Jamie Mayes in Revelstoke for your support and to Amy & Max Davies for fostering these heart crushers.

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