Dog owners in New York may want to hide their dogs if they are expecting a visit from their insurance agent. If they own certain breeds, some insurance companies may refuse to issue or renew their policy. According to a story in the Poughkeepsie Journal, many residents of upstate New York have been shocked to learn that their precious pooches are a no-no, as far as homeowners’ insurance goes.

The idea of a banned dog breed list is not new for insurance companies. They argue that liability claims related to dogs, especially dog bites, cost insurance companies millions of dollars each year. However, others believe this is discriminatory. Cases of dog bites have little to do with the breed of the dogs, and much more to do with the owners, goes this argument.

Legislators in Albany may come to the rescue of dog owners. According to the story in the Poughkeepsie Journal, “Pending state legislation – Bill S2289 in the Senate and A04897 in the Assembly – both would prohibit companies from refusing to issue or renew an insurance policy, from canceling a policy and from charging higher premiums, based on ownership of a particular breed of dog.”

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