Kiwis are engaged in hot debate over a new dog microchipping law in New Zealand. Proponents of the mandatory microchipping of all dogs argue that it will aid efforts to prevent dog attacks. Opponents, many of whom are farm dog owners, argue that it is a costly, knee-jerk reaction. Breeder Dilys Stephens told the Daily Post of New Zealand, “It’s not going to achieve anything but cost a lot of money for responsible dog owners. It’s a farce.”

Farmers and rural communities were denied an exemption from the new law, despite their argument that attacks occur primarily in urban areas. At least one published account indicates some farmers will not comply with the new ruling. Federated Farmers Wairarapa branch president Jim Weston is quoted by the Wairarapa Times-Age as saying, “I don’t know of any farmer who will register [their dogs] under this chipping system.”

Further protests are expected.

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