According to the Veterinary News Network (VNN), several cases of human to pet transmission of the novel H1N1 swine flu have been confirmed. This is new data as previously it was believed that human to animal transmission was limited to birds and pigs.

The new cases involve pet ferrets and a single cat. So far no dogs have tested positive according to VNN. One ferret from Oregon recovered but another in Nebraska died. The feline, a 13 year old pet in Iowa, has recovered.

According to VNN, treatment options are antibiotics (presumably to protect against secondary bacterial infections) and supportive care. They also state that no swine flu vaccine is currently available for pets.

Despite the comfort they offer us, in addition to meticulous hand washing, if you are ill with the flu it is best not to cuddle or sleep with your dog or cat until you recover says VNN.

Be sure to contact your Veterinarian if you have any health concerns about your dog, cat or other pet.

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