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New Horse Picture and Training Website

A funny new horse picture website has been launched by the folks here at – we thought you should be warned.

Wanted: Horse Tricks and Funny Horse Pics

Horse Pictures

Videos too, but I’m gett’n ahead of m’self.

We just pulled the trigger on a brand spank’n new site we hope will provide some fun and enrichment for you and your horse.

The notion in our noggin is that horses can be taught tricks, which, while unnecessary in the big scheme of things when there’s bills to pay, stalls to clean, and shoes to buy (Manolo Blahniks or Ariats), they’d be more fun to demonstrate to greenhorns than the invention of a combination automatic stall-cleaner and hoof pick.

Heck, in those spare few seconds life deposits in our time accounts not spent getting our equine buddies to take that fence, or change that lead, or, for goodness sake, to stop cribbing, why not learn ’em a trick or two that’ll break up their routine (yours too) and give ’em something new to think on?

So, what we are after is your wisdom and experience, assuming you got any to spare. Do you have a method to teach a horse to count? Speak? Pick a toy up and bring it over? Bake some killer cornbread?

All of these must be safe for horse and rider

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