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Supreme Court Hears Pit Bull Dog Fighting Video Case

Supreme Court Pit Bull Dog Fight Video CaseA man convicted for selling videos depicting pit bull dog fights, along with other scenes, has found his successful appeal in a federal court appealed in turn by the Obama administration to the US Supreme Court. The defendant claims the law used to charge and convict him is unconstitutionally broad. The Human Society of the United States and others say the law is needed to protect animals.

Other groups, including the NRA, say the law is so broad that it would make the depiction of hunting quail in a documentary film unlawful and subject the producers to prison time. The defendant in the instant case, who was never charged with actually staging dog fights, only editing existing videos together (largely sourced from Japan where it is legal according to one published source), received a longer prison sentence than football player Michael Vick who admitted to funding and staging actual dog fights.

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