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In this program we begin an exclusive two part interview with renowned dog expert, Tamar Geller (author of the new book The Loved Dog). If her name sounds familiar to you perhaps you’ve seen her numerous appearances on national television such as Animal Planet, Oprah or the Today Show?

She is also the founder of The Loved Dog, a Los Angeles-based company known for its cage-free boarding, doggy day care and innovative dog behavior consulting services.

We had planned on a single half hour segment with Ms. Geller but the interview went so well and we captured so much helpful and interesting information, that we kept talking for just over an hour. So in this program we hope you’ll enjoy part one of that conversation while next week you come back for the second half hour.

Just click on the text above her picture that says “Dog Podcast – Click To Listen” to hear the program.

Tamar Geller Book Dog Trainer Dog Pictures

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