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Worlds Ugliest Dog Yoda Dies

Posted in Dog News

Yoda, the 2011 winner of the Sonoma-Marin World's Ugliest Dog Contest has died according to reports. Apparently the 15 year old...

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Worlds Ugliest Dog Winner

Posted in Worlds Ugliest Dog

There is a new winner crowned in the annual world's ugliest dog competition held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. Called Pabst, the dog breaks...

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Barney Bush President Dog Video

Posted in Dog News News - President Bush and the White House have unveiled the 2007 video featuring their cute dog Barney. This annual event...

Read More Dog Podcast – Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest Launch

Posted in Dog Podcasts

{enclose} Dog podcast interview with the publisher/editor...

Read More Launches World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest

Posted in Dog Pictures is pleased to announce the "World's Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest," the third in an ongoing series of fun and...

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