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Carmel California Dog Friendly Town

Posted in Dog News

Thanks in part to Doris Day and her Cypress Inn, the lovely seaside town of Carmel, California, is one of the most tail waggingly friendly places to visit with your canine companion. From the off leash Carmel Beach to the numerous hotels and restaurants, Carmel clearly has the doggy door open for business. You can stay overnight at the Carmel Mission Inn (owned by Clint Eastwood), the Tradewinds Inn and the Lodge at Pebble Beach. While visiting, consider a meal outside on the patio with your pooch at Alsatian Coq D’Or, the Forge in the Forest, Buon Giorno...

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Dog News Podcast 10-29-2005

Posted in Dog Podcasts

Dog News Podcast 10-29-2005...

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U.K. Pooches Pushed to Stress Limits – Health Suffers

Posted in Dog Care

According to a wire service report, as many as twenty-five percent of British dogs are under as much stress as their fast lane parents. Perhaps a third of those canines are likely to experience G.I. problems like diarrhea or barfing (not the diet know as BARF). The survey of 1,100 dog owners revealed that over fifty percent of the owners reported having a stressful time of it too. Part of the problem is the increased number of dog owners who live alone while at the same time working long hours. The reason people and dogs get along so well is that both are intensely social creatures. Spend time with your...

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Shower With Your Dog: It’s A Kiwi Thing

Posted in Weird Dog News

Okay, perhaps you thought the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest was a mad dog idea. Well, the AP is reporting that a contest held in Wellington, New Zealand, to find the “Thiftiest Shopper,” includes tips on canine care, cooking, cleaning and relationships. Here are some samples: 1) Cook boil-in-bag meals in dishwasher (takes care of dinner and dishes at once) 2) Cut your own hair (noting the bad job will keep your invites and expenses down) 3) Spend your spouse’s money and save your own 4) Walk through stores with your hands in your pockets 5) Live in a tent 6) Turn a busted microwave into a mailbox 7) And the dog idea? Bath with your buddy to save on the water and water heating costs. It never occurred to me that was a money saving...

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Please Support Us

Posted in Support

Dear Friend, is a start-up venture and a labor of love. It is a business with a profit-making motive, but very far away from any profits right now. We are already donating picture galleries and forums to rescues, shelters and non-profit dog welfare groups. When we finally turn a profit, we will dedicate and donate a percentage of those profits to these organizations. Will you please help support us? You can help by visiting and supporting our sponsors, telling your dog loving friends about us, suggesting to a doggy businesses that they advertise on, adding a link to us, and by buying a subscription. We sincerely appreciate your support. On behalf of...

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