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Greenies Dog Litigation Over

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Lawsuit Over Greenies Alleged Health Risks To Dogs Settled News – A confidential settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit over the alleged risks to dog health caused by the product known as Greenies. Intended to be an attractive chew that also cleans the dog’s teeth thus promoting dental health, numerous media reports have highlighted assertions that serious health risks were posed by use of the product. Packaged and sold as digestible, some owners have claimed that description is false and has lead to the serious sickness and even deaths of numerous dogs. Maker S&M NuTec had claimed when used as directed and correctly sized for the dog the product was safe. Mars Inc., purchased S&M NuTec in 2006. The class action lawsuit was brought by 10 owners. Greenies are now packaged in a way that...

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Pet Food Recall: Cross-Contamination Expands List for Menu Foods

Posted in Dog News News – Menu Foods expanded their recalled pet food list after a customer complaint alerted them to cross-contamination between melamine tainted products and those made without the contaminated wheat gluten. Internal testing confirmed cross-contamination had occurred in the manufacturing facility. So far other manufacturers have not recalled pet food for cross-contamination. The FDA list, however, has grown almost daily since it began in mid-March. Reporting by Jaime Martin Please visit this thread in our forum for the details about this dog food recall and a list of dog food brands recalled by Menu Foods and others: Pet Food Recall List. If you have any concern about the health of your dog contact your vet at once. Looking for premium dog food for your special friends? We have a great selection of Sojourner Farms raw dog food, Karma Organics...

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Pet Food Recall: FDA Expands Testing For Melamine – Some Hogs & Poultry Suspected

Posted in Dog News News – In the wake of the broadening pet food recall the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced it will expand testing of imported products including corn meal, rice bran and soy protein, in addition to wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate, in an effort to stay ahead of any possible contamination. These products are used...

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Pet Food Recall: Melamine Enters Human Food Supply Through Hogs

Posted in Dog News News – Melamine-contaminated recalled pet food may have found its way into the human food supply via pork producers. Hog farms in California, North Carolina, New York and South Carolina have been identified. An additional farm in Ohio is currently being investigated. These farms received “salvaged” pet food containing melamine, an ingredient used in plastics and industrial processes. The hog farm in California caters to individuals purchasing an entire hog and those specific consumers have been alerted, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the farms located in other states have not yet distributed any of the contaminated pork. Those animals are now quarantined and being tested. It still remains unclear what effects melamine has on animals or humans. According to the FDA website...

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Pet Food Recall List Grows As Natural Balance Rice Protein Contaminated With Melamine

Posted in Dog News News – Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods has expanded the list of recalled products just a day after announcing an initial recall. This time the blame is placed on rice protein which has tested positive for melamine contamination. The suspect rice protein was purchased from China, but not from the same supplier that sold ChemNutra wheat gluten which triggered the initial round of massive recalls, reported pet illnesses and deaths. This recall involves all Natural Balance Venison dog food (dry, wet and canned) as well as Venison and Brown Rice dog treats and Venison and Green Pea dry cat food. Natural Balance says laboratory tests show “the products contain melamine.” Natural Balance added that they have received complaints that a small number of both dogs and cats “developed kidney failure after eating the affected product.” Tragically,...

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