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Nikon D7000 Time Lapse Tutorial

Posted in News, Video

Do you love those beautiful time lapse HD video sequences you see on tv nature documentary series like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and the BBC’s Life? At DogExplorer, we do. Now they are easier than ever to create yourself with HDSLR (High Definition Single Lens Reflex) cameras like the Nikon D7000.

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How Smart Are Dogs? NOVA Science Now Video

Posted in Dog Videos, News

Have you heard about the Border Collie dog with a 1000 word vocabulary? No? Well let us, through the good folks at PBS and NOVA Science Now, introduce you to Chaser, the super intelligent Border Collie.

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Dalmatian Dogs Need Rescue

Posted in Dog Videos

Two dalmatians in the Los Angeles area are in need of rescue and adoption according to our friends at Save The Dals. Please see the video below for images and contact details. Save The Dals says the pair, a male and female (spayed and neutered), are about five years old, both deaf, but very friendly and not skittish. The female has had some health problems, including recent cancer surgery. The back story is that they belonged to a husband and wife and the wife died suddenly while the surviving husband has mobility issues. They must be re-homed by the end of December. If no home is found for them, the owner will be taking them to a Los Angeles area animal shelter where Save The Dals says they will likely be euthanized. PLEASE re-post this information widely though your...

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Oregon Australian Shepherd Picture – Rustie At Ventura Dog Park

Posted in Dog Pictures

Say hello to visiting Oregon Australian Shepherd Rustie as she runs across the lush grass at Ventura’s Arroyo Verde Dog Park. That’s no typo, that’s how her people spell her name. She is a lovely red merle Aussie hailing from Talent, Oregon (near Medford and Ashland, Oregon).

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Meet Dr. William “Bill” McCulloch Co-Founder of the Delta Society

Posted in Dog News recently sat down with Dr. William McCulloch to learn about the Delta Society, how this extraordinary companion animal assistance and therapy organization began, and his vision for its future. History Dr. McCulloch started as a small animal veterinarian before joining the faculties of several veterinary schools. He had often observed firsthand the healing bond between his patients and their human caregivers, and he began to advocate for medical research to study the phenomenon. When his younger brother, the late Dr. Michael McCulloch, became a psychiatrist, the two brothers, together with several other veterinarians, founded the Delta Foundation to provide funding and direction for this research. Delta came from the Greek letter and mathematical symbol of the same name, which is represented by a triangle: human, animal, and health professionals, each representing a point. In 1981 the Foundation became...

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