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Coprophagia (Stool-Eating) in Dogs

Posted in Dog Training

Coprophagia (Stool-Eating) in Dogs by G. Landsberg, DVM & D. Horwitz, DVM Why do dogs eat stools? While most cases of coprophagia appear to be purely behavioral, there indeed numerous medical problems that can cause or contribute to coprophagia. These problems must first be ruled out before a purely behavioral diagnosis is made. What are some of the medical causes? Any medical problem that leads to a decrease in absorption of nutrients, causes gastrointestinal upset or causes an increase in the appeal of the dog’s stool, could lead to coprophagia. In addition to a complete physical examination, the puppy’s diet and its stool frequency and consistency should be evaluated. Stool testing for parasites would be the minimum level of testing. If the stool is unusually soft or appears to be poorly digested, additional stool or blood tests may be...

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Dog Diabetes

Posted in Dog Care

By Katrina Hugenot, RN A couple of weeks ago, I’m quietly strolling the streets of California on a relaxed weekend morning. A Schnauzer approaches (with his human) and we are quickly acquainted. Not too far into the chat, I learn that this particular Schnauzer has just been diagnosed with diabetes. The mother relates that this diagnosis may shorten his lifespan by a couple of years. She expresses her confusion: she thought she’d been feeding him ‘well’, so why has he developed diabetes? She tells me that her schedule is now restricted by the Schnauzer’s insulin timetable. She expresses concern that he not be in pain and hope that his diabetes won’t lead to blindness and circulation problems which might disable him. This scene has become all too common. According to, approximately 1 in 400 dogs will develop diabetes...

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Shower With Your Dog: It’s A Kiwi Thing

Posted in Weird Dog News

Okay, perhaps you thought the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest was a mad dog idea. Well, the AP is reporting that a contest held in Wellington, New Zealand, to find the “Thiftiest Shopper,” includes tips on canine care, cooking, cleaning and relationships. Here are some samples: 1) Cook boil-in-bag meals in dishwasher (takes care of dinner and dishes at once) 2) Cut your own hair (noting the bad job will keep your invites and expenses down) 3) Spend your spouse’s money and save your own 4) Walk through stores with your hands in your pockets 5) Live in a tent 6) Turn a busted microwave into a mailbox 7) And the dog idea? Bath with your buddy to save on the water and water heating costs. It never occurred to me that was a money saving...

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