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Dogs Treated With Acupuncture For Wobblers Syndrome and Cancer

Posted in Dog News News - Dog and horse owners in Birmingham, Alabama, are finding that alternative health care therapies like acupuncture,...

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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Sued For Dog Injury

Posted in Dog News

Cesar Millan, known to clients of his Dog Psychology Center of Los Angeles and viewers of National Geographic Television as the Dog...

Read More Dog Podcast – Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest Launch

Posted in Dog Podcasts

{enclose} Dog podcast interview with the publisher/editor...

Read More Launches World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest

Posted in Dog Pictures is pleased to announce the "World's Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest," the third in an ongoing series of fun and...

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Glimpses of Vivi The Missing Whippet Dog In NYC

Posted in Dog News

Wire services and major news outlets continue to buzz with unsubstantiated rumors of Vivi sightings in and around New York. The Los...

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