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Dogs Treated With Acupuncture For Wobblers Syndrome and Cancer

Posted in Dog News News – Dog and horse owners in Birmingham, Alabama, are finding that alternative health care therapies like acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies yield real improvements in their pet’s quality of life. One owner of a ten-year-old Doberman Pinscher with Wobblers Syndrome says her dog has done well with the services of a licensed Veterinary Acupuncturist. Another 13-year-old dog with cancer has been treated for two years with straight acupuncture and electrical impulses through the needles instead of chemotherapy and radiation (after first having a tumor removed). Watch this dog care news video below for more. See more cool dog news videos. Your opinion? Discuss this story in our dog forum. It is free. Looking for premium dog food for your special friends? We have a great selection of Sojourner Farms raw dog food, Karma Organics dog food, and...

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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Sued For Dog Injury

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Cesar Millan, known to clients of his Dog Psychology Center of Los Angeles and viewers of National Geographic Television as the Dog Whisperer, is a defendant in two lawsuits filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. It was a strange week for the man who has become a household name among the tens of millions of dog owners in the United States. After a month of high profile media appearances promoting his new book, Cesar’s Way, Millan finds himself embroiled in litigation and a character playing a central role in an episode of Comedy Central’s animated comedy program, South Park. But the cartoon is not, what at first glance, it appears to be. Most public figures depicted in an episode of South Park find themselves the brunt of many a joke. Not Cesar Millan. The storyline involves an incorrigible child...

Read More Dog Podcast – Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest Launch

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{enclose} Dog podcast interview with the publisher/editor of announcing start of “World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest.” The contest offers free entry, great prizes and fun. Entrants are invited from around the world in this first truly global flying disc dog photo competition designed to highlight the athleticism, bonding and beauty of the flying disc dog sport. Please visit our gallery of dog pictures to enter the contest. The podcast also discusses why the site was started and exclusive upcoming dog podcasts such as the long-form interview with renowned dog expert Tamar Geller. To hear the program, click the text above that says “Dog Podcast – Click To Listen” Looking for premium dog food for your special friends? We have a great selection of raw dog food, organic dog food, and other great dog foods for...

Read More Launches World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest

Posted in Dog Pictures is pleased to announce the “World’s Best Flying Disc Dog Picture Contest,” the third in an ongoing series of fun and friendly global dog and puppy photo competitions at The contest is sponsored in part by the innovative new website, The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dogs ( ). The focus of the competition is to capture and share amazing images of dogs leaping, twisting and soaring through the air as they demonstrate their uniquely canine athletic gifts. The dog pictures may be taken at any time, but they must belong to, and be the copyrighted property of, the person entering them in the contest. Action shots are preferred, but beautiful portraits of dog and some variety of flying disc together, either at rest, or in motion, are all that is required. Entering the contest, registering...

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Glimpses of Vivi The Missing Whippet Dog In NYC

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Wire services and major news outlets continue to buzz with unsubstantiated rumors of Vivi sightings in and around New York. The Los Angeles Times ran a breathless headline claiming “New York’s Wild Whippet Chase Picks Up With Recent Sightings,” and declaring in the story that “Flushing was one big dog trap.” At ABC News, apparently they have managed to capture the pulse of all New York as their headline flatly states “Missing Dog Mystery Consumes New Yorkers.” While your humble correspondent is on the “other” coast, it seems to stretch credibility that the Big Apple has gone entirely to the dogs, er, dog. While even the stodgy Bloomberg news service made the remarkable assertion that Vivi was spotted and touched noses with a Doberman belonging to an unidentified man, closer to home, and, perhaps with its paws a bit...

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