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Capital of China Issues New One Dog Policy In Beijing

Posted in Dog News News — The official Xinhua news agency is reporting that residents of Beijing will now face a limit on the number of dogs in their households similar to that imposed on parents in China. In the case of dog owners, the stated reason is to prevent the spread of rabies. The order maps out nine separate regions within the Chinese Capital where the new rules will take effect. Each household will be limited to a single dog and owners of dogs that have not been registered with authorities are subject to legal penalties. While not defined, so-called “dangerous and large dogs” will be banned under the new rules, according to Xinhua. The regulations require all dogs in the effected areas to be inoculated “regularly.” In areas outside the metro Beijing zones large and dangerous dogs will be allowed...

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Jackie Chan Speaks Out To End China’s Mass Dog Slaughter

Posted in Dog News News – Houston, TX

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China Massacres Thousands of Dogs In Chinese Rabies Crisis

Posted in Dog News News – Readers Are Cautioned: This story may disturb you. {enclose} An estimated 50,000 Chinese dogs have been killed in less than a week. The massive destruction was reportedly in response to concerns about an outbreak of the rabies virus. According to reports in Chinese and Western media, officials in Southern China strangled by hanging, beat with clubs or shocked to death feral dogs and pets, often grabbing animals being walked by their owners. Dogs hidden inside homes were lured to bark by intentionally noisy night patrols, ensuring their detection. Local officials justified the program as an appropriate response to the deaths of three people from rabies and 360 dog bites suffered by residents in the past six months. Rabies is a serious concern in China with some 2,600 deaths reported in 2004. Growth in the disease...

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