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Baby Found With Dog Who May Have Rescued Child

Posted in Dog News

The facts are still sketchy in a story about a baby girl abandoned by her mother just hours after she was born. Published reports have...

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Pet Food Recall: Cross-Contamination Expands List for Menu Foods

Posted in Dog News News - Menu Foods expanded their recalled pet food list after a customer complaint alerted them to cross-contamination...

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Pet Food Recall: FDA Expands Testing For Melamine – Some Hogs & Poultry Suspected

Posted in Dog News News - In the wake of the broadening pet food recall the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced it will expand...

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Pet Food Recall: Melamine Enters Human Food Supply Through Hogs

Posted in Dog News News - Melamine-contaminated recalled pet food may have found its way into the human food supply via pork producers. Hog...

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Pet Food Recall List Grows As Natural Balance Rice Protein Contaminated With Melamine

Posted in Dog News News - Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods has expanded the list of recalled products just a day after announcing...

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