Advertising Sales Jobs
Help Wanted Advertising Sales Job

Want to work with animals? Our progressive dog online magazine needs you!

We are looking for just one, amazing, compassionate, dog-crazy person to join our pack in Southern California.

The work involves sales to local and national advertisers.

A request please: sales are not for everyone – we know that. But if you decide to apply for this position (we are really cool and this is great opportunity for the right person), please act like you are capable of handling sales during this process.

What we mean is, ya need to follow-up and stay on top of us, not the other way around.

Sorry ’bout the above, but we’ve chased our own tail around a few times already.

We are a progressive, well-established publication that especially cares about animal welfare, dog rescues (we donate resources to them) and nutrition, with a focus on an outdoor, active lifestyle.

Short version: Think Outside Magazine meets NPR for dog owners (not affiliated with either organization).

There is actually good money to be made, even in this economy, working with dogs and doing some good in the world.

And you can work from home, which given the price of gas these days, is nothing to scratch the carpet about.

A dog training or vet tech or business background preferred but not required. Loving dogs and being bright, optimistic and a self starter are most important. You will be contacting dog supply companies, groomers, doggie day care firms, etc., seeking classified ads, banner advertising and tv-style spots for our video podcasts.

We pay a generous 25% commission (25% of the check we receive from the advertiser) on all advertising sales you make.

Please contact us through the contact link. No phone calls please. Sending your resume as plain text in the body of your initial message will speed things up a bit too.

You will have a written sales rep agreement with us, may work part time and may work from home. If you have a modest amount of success working with us your income may exceed that of a real job. However, your mileage may vary. 😉

So come on now Los Angeles, give us a bark.

If you take us home we promise not to mark the carpet.