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Humorous Chihuahua Video In iPhone Camera Showcase

While this humorous video is not all about dogs, it does qualify as a funny dog video, as you will see. We like to add to our dog news coverage with occasional items about photography and film or video production. After all, the dog that inspired our site, Ansel, was named for legendary photographer Ansel Adams.

Also interesting to note is that this video is a promo introduction to a new iPhone camera housing. It is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and it allows users to mount their cell phones on a tripod so that they can capture steady shots, timelapse, etc.

It is called the indie and it was announced 24 May 2012. In addition to use of a tripod, the device makes it easier to get smooth hand held shots. Sporting a common 37mm lens mount thread, there are dozens, if not hundreds of lenses available, inexpensively, offering new creative options to those producing so called “cell phone cinema.”

Pre-orders are open now to residents of the USA. International sales are said to follow soon. Price is $199.95 (plus shipping and handling) and include a handle which can double as a tripod height extender. You’ll find it here: indie iPhone Camera Housing [a new window will open]

Back to the dogs. Watch for the cute Chihuahua in this YouTube video. And for a special giggle be certain you are patient enough to watch all the way through the end credits. The audio is pretty good so be sure you have your volume up. If you have a fast connection, adjust the settings to watch it in HD and full screen. Enjoy!

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