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Dog Picture – Australian Cattle Dog Queensland Blue Heeler Flying Disc

Posted in Dog Pictures

An Australian Cattle Dog or Queensland Blue Heeler is captured as it leaps into the air in hot pursuit of a Frisbee or flying disc above a lush green grass lawn at Arroyo Verde Dog Park, Ventura, California, November, 2009. This handsome Heeler is a young male called Baco. He has an amazing ability to leap and seems to accelerate like a rocket as he goes vertical making the photography unusually tricky. He is a rescue and very smart following verbal commands beyond obedience with ease. We think this dog picture captures the magic of playing in the natural world with your dog. See more pictures of Arroyo Verde Dog Park pack by clicking his picture. Photo by The only thing better than dog pictures and cute photographs of puppies are dogs and puppies themselves. So to celebrate...

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Swine Flu In Pet Confirmed

Posted in Dog Care

According to the Veterinary News Network (VNN), several cases of human to pet transmission of the novel H1N1 swine flu have been confirmed. This is new data as previously it was believed that human to animal transmission was limited to birds and pigs. The new cases involve pet ferrets and a single cat. So far no dogs have tested positive according to VNN. One ferret from Oregon recovered but another in Nebraska died. The feline, a 13 year old pet in Iowa, has recovered. According to VNN, treatment options are antibiotics (presumably to protect against secondary bacterial infections) and supportive care. They also state that no swine flu vaccine is currently available for pets. Despite the comfort they offer us, in addition to meticulous hand washing, if you are ill with the flu it is best not to cuddle...

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Supreme Court Hears Pit Bull Dog Fighting Video Case

Posted in Dog News

A man convicted for selling videos depicting pit bull dog fights, along with other scenes, has found his successful appeal in a federal court appealed in turn by the Obama administration to the US Supreme Court. The defendant claims the law used to charge and convict him is unconstitutionally broad. The Human Society of the United States and others say the law is needed to protect animals. Other groups, including the NRA, say the law is so broad that it would make the depiction of hunting quail in a documentary film unlawful and subject the producers to prison time. The defendant in the instant case, who was never charged with actually staging dog fights, only editing existing videos together (largely sourced from Japan where it is legal according to one published source), received a longer prison sentence than football...

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Pet Portrait Photography Napa

Posted in Dog Pet Portrait Photographers

Are you looking for a pet portrait photographer who will truly capture your pet’s unique spirit and your amazing bond? Then is your choice for pictures that reveal your pet’s personality and preserve memories of your furry family forever. Don’t like being charged for every little thing? Neither do we. That’s why when you hire us you get the pictures on disc to do any non-commercial thing you want, anytime you want, as much as you want! And for a limited time, when you book a session we will include a beautiful calendar featuring 12 images from your photo shoot absolutely free*! This stunning calendar is a forever keepsake but you’ll enjoy the photos all year long when you proudly display it at home or work. Call our office today at (805) 985-2320, or e-mail us through the...

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Advertising Sales Jobs – New York – Help Wanted

Posted in Jobs - Help Wanted

Help Wanted Advertising Sales Job Want to work with animals? Our progressive dog online magazine needs you! We are looking for just one, amazing, compassionate, dog-crazy person to join our pack in New York (or nearby). The work involves sales to local and national advertisers. A request please: sales are not for everyone – we know that. But if you decide to apply for this position (we are really cool and this is great opportunity for the right person), please act like you are capable of handling sales during this process. What we mean is, ya need to follow-up and stay on top of us, not the other way around. Sorry ’bout the above, but we’ve chased our own tail around a few times already. We are a progressive, well-established publication that especially cares about animal welfare, dog rescues...

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